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27 Mar 08


Welcome to the Need for Speed Website

The UK's on-line parts supplier for road and competition cars

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Due to the increasing demand for aftermarket, performance car parts to tune and style your car, Need for Speed has gathered together some of the biggest names in the car parts industry to offer 600+ part ranges from 100+ part manufacturers, ranging from air filters and induction kits to exhausts and camshafts.
A total part list of over a 150,000+ applications for 1500+ vehicles from 150+ vehicle manufacturers.

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All of the products are fully searchable, so if you are looking for anything for an Audi to a Yugo, if a part is available, it will be shown. Also, if you are interested in just one manufacturer, you can search just their parts.

When you have found the part(s) that you are looking for, we are sure that our secure, easy, on-line buying facility will provide you with the ability to make your purchase with confidence and flexibility via various payment options.

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